PDF Toolkit

PDF Forms Toolkit Component
for Delphi and Visual Basic

Drop the PDF Forms Toolkit Component on a form and have access to your PDF form directly from Delphi or Visual Basic. PDF Forms Toolkit Component is a visual component that works with your copy of Adobe Acrobat version 3.0 and 4.0 and above or any Acrobat exchange product.

Note:  The Visual Basic Active X Component works only with Adobe Acrobat 4.0 and above.


  • Populate the PDF form from your Delphi or Visual Basic program.
  • Read PDF form fields into a Delphi TstringList of Visual Basic String Variant
  • Import and Export complete FDF field data files to and from your Delphi or Visual Basic project.
  • Print the PDF form from Delphi or Visual Basic.
  • Save the Viewed PDF.
  • Insert pages into the viewed PDF file.
  • Delete pages from the viewed PDF file.
  • Get the number of pages of the viewed PDF file.
  • Change page number of the viewed PDF.
  • Get the active page number of the viewed PDF.

Future add-ons:

  • Change PDF form field fonts
  • Set Java scripts imbedded in a PDF file
  • Add new data fields to the PDF form
  • Change the properties of the PDF fields
  • Set and/or change form calculations

You donít have to be a Delphi or Visual Basic Guru to use this component. Just drop the component on the form, set the component "filename" to the path and file name of the PDF file to load, set the "version" property to the version of Acrobat used then using the "Active" property to view the PDF file. To populate the PDF fields just use the "setData" method and to retrieve field data, use the "getData" method. Its that simple.


Click the Appropriate Link Below to Purchase:

For Delphi

Buy it with Source - $275

Buy it without Source - $150

For Visual Basic

Buy it with Source - $275

Buy it without Source - $150


To Try Out the Demo, Click Here to Visit Our Downloads Page!


Page Last Updated: 11-15-04

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