Blazer 2.0/2.1

Blazer allows its users to process and generate Blumberg forms on plain paper with your personal computer and  printer.  Blazer replaces the legal form file in your office by storing all of the information in small files on your PC. Many of the most popular Blumberg forms are available on this system and new forms are constantly being added. Users are notified as new forms become available. Blazer makes the job of filling in Blumberg forms easier and more accurate. It reduces the amount of time spent on form processing because you no longer have to filling in a preprinted form with a typewriter or printer.   Because these are "Blumberg Forms", the courts easily recognize and trust that they are correct.


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(More Forms Added Periodically)



  • Easy to install and use
  • 32 bit for use with Windows 95/98
  • Installation of Adobe® Exchange 3.0(see Adobe® note below)
  • The ability to add other Blumberg forms as they become available
  • Improved printer handling.
  • PDF formatted forms generated on blank paper.
  • Builds databases of information by client and matter.
  • Two levels of global (shared) fields.
  • Forms are viewed and easily filled in on the computer screen.
  • Automatic math calculations in forms requiring them.
  • Default information easily transferred from matter to matter.
  • Pull-down menus.
  • Single entry system allows you to enter information once for multiple forms.
  • Automatic left, right, or center justification of data on the form.
  • Blazer tracks the number of forms generated for each matter so you can bill the client.
  • Pay only for the forms that you use, keeping costs at a minimum and corporate waste low.
  • Adobe® note: If you have Adobe® Acrobat 4.0 installed to your computer already, the setup program will install Blazer 2.1.


System Requirements:

  • 486, and Pentium based IBM PC.
  • Minimum 16 MB of RAM
  • If Adobe® Exchange 3.0 is already installed - Hard drive with at least 16 MB of free space.
  • If Adobe® Exchange 3.0 is not already installed - Hard drive with at least 30 MB of free space. 
  • Windows95/98, NT 4.0
  • Mouse
  • Windows compatible printer.


Page Last Updated: 10-28-04

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