Certified Mail

Certified Mail Pro 3.0

Filling in Certified Mail forms can be a tedious, repetitious task.  Now you can save valuable time and headaches with our new Certified Mail Software.  You can prepare an entire Certified mail piece in the same time that it takes you to type a label.  And the price of Certified Mail Software is less than $23.00 (without mailing labels).

The software is easy to use: just fill in the blanks on the screen image of the form; then edit, print or save the data in a file for later editing or printing. All calculations are done automatically by the software.   Standard certified mailing fees have already been programmed, but if rates should change , these can be easily adjusted.

For future mailings to clients, you can store thousands of addresses in a database file. The number of files is unlimited.  The software also features a journal of the mailings which can be printed or viewed on screen - a handy feature for recovering costs.


Certified Mail 3.0 Standard

All of the same great time saving features of Certified Mail 3.0 Pro except for large batch printing and networked addresses. A great choice for the company or individual that only sends out a few certified mailers at a time!


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Page Last Updated: 10-28-04

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