Blankrupter 4.0

Blankrupter makes data entry simple and straightforward. It automates the processing of Chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13 bankruptcy forms, while performing necessary math calculations and generating the required mailing list. We believe that you will find Blankrupter for Windows an easy-to-use, productive tool for processing bankruptcy forms.
NOTE: Blankrupter 4.0 is fully compatible with the new security requirements dictated by the Federal Bankruptcy Courts effective 12/1/2003 and 10/17/05


  • Easy to install and use

  • Windows environment makes data entry easy

  • Processes Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 official forms

  • Conforms to the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1994

  • Print and interview form for the client

  • Smart Means Test

  • New forms as per Bankruptcy Ruling October 2005

  • Debtor file is now included for Case Upload (Electronic filing)

  • 4.0 now has an additional Chapter 13 Plan

  • Local forms in PDF format can now be merged with the PDF file of Federal forms

  • Graphic forms generated on blank paper

  • Six different mailing list print formats and three electronic formats

  • Automatic math calculations

  • Includes most common STATE and FEDERAL exemptions

  • Spell Checking

  • Print Preview

  • Online Help

System Requirements:

  • Intel or AMD Based x86 PC

  • Minimum 32 MB of RAM

  • Hard drive with at least 14 MB of free space

  • Windows 98 or later

  • Windows compatible printer

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If you choose to purchase it, simply go to Help>Register in the program to order your activation code or contact Blumberg at 1-800-221-2972 ext. 565

Blankrupter 4.0 Singles

You can now process a Bankruptcy case quickly and at a low cost with Blankrupter 4.0 Singles complete with electronic filing!

Pay only when you are ready to print the bankruptcy. You can print and modify the filing as many times as you wish!

If you only process an occasional bankruptcy and would like to avoid the cost of purchasing a full version of bankruptcy processing software, then the Blankrupter 4.0 Singles is your solution. You can now download the Blankrupter bankruptcy processing software for free and register each case individually over the Internet for a low cost of only $39.95 per client license.
When you are ready to print the forms, all you need to do is register the client over the Internet to receive a license ID number that allows Blankrupter Singles to print all federal required bankruptcy forms for the registered client for a 90 day period.

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Download the Blankrupter 4.0 Singles Demo Now!

If you wish to purchase a license for a client,
just follow the on-screen instructions!