1.27.06 Fixed property for sched B to show all 35 items
2.1.06 Fixed Means Test Ch 7 (B22a) to give correct results on pass or fail (abuse or not)
2.13.06 Added new IRS and Census Tables for the Means Test + Misc bug fixes
2.21.06 Fixed bug with Local Housing Expenses in Means Test
3.28.06 Fix missing data from "Application to pay filing fees in installments"
4.21.06 Corrected the alignment of the 20 largest creditors
6.29.06 Fixed Means Test form for missing vehicle data
7.5.06 Added Texas Xportation operating costs per region to IRS Tables
7.14.06 Fixed sched E order type of claims
10.20.06 Released Version 4.6 This is the Fed Bankruptcy changes as of 10/07/06
10.25.06 Added instructions and fixed minor bugs
10.27.06 Fixed bug in printing forms
11.1.06 fixed the Old English font and the Bankruptcy cover sheet
11.11.06 Corrected the date at the top of summary of schedules and misc. bug fixes
11.21.06 fixed voluntary petition Estimated Assets and Estimated Liabilities
12.22.06 Fixed Means Test problems with household expenses and printing state name. Added input to sched E "obligation Not reported" Divorce Claims.
1.10.07 Fixed Voluntary Petition page 2 - missing data for non attorney preparer
2.2.07 Means test tables changed as per IRS and Census B.  Added release to main form
2.28.07 Fixed means test for > 2 family members
3.14.07 Fixed Southern Transportation operating costs for 2 vehicles
3.21.07 Added attorney signature to proof of claim
4.1.07 Required form change 22a and 22c installed new median income table
4.3.07 Fixed Means Test New Table needed State names in upper case
4.4.07 Added 4/07 to top of forms requiring changes
4.5.07 added correct version # to table
4.24.07 corrected date on B22a and b22c to reflect 4/07 change
5.3.07 Fixed Means test line 20 to allow different values other than box 42
10.1.07 Added new Means Test Median Family income table as per 10/1/07 req
12.4.07 New form and program changes as per 12/1/07 court changes.
01.04.08 Means test program changes and forms.Voluntary petition page 1 form
01.08.08 Fixed the Table "over65" to appear in the Tables folder
01.09.08 Fixed conversion of attorney folders
01.09.08 Fixed form 22a to add the correct version date on page 1
01.14.08 Fixed form 22c to show boxes 57-60
01.17.08 Fixed form 22c to have proper date 1/08
01.18.08 Fixed form 22a Section 22A to display proper values in printed form
01.22.08 Fixed data conversion from 4.7 to 4.72
02.0608 Added new local expenses table as per IRS
03.04.08 Updated Median Family Income
03.18.08 New IRS Tables for Means Test as of 3/17/08
04.20.08 added new transportation cost tables from IRS
05.21.08 Fixed Means test Deductions calculation 19a for >5 family members
12.01.08 added New IRS Data for the Means Test
  • B1D Exhibit D – Individual Debtor’s Statement of compliance with Credit Counseling Requirement (12/08)
  • B8 Chapter 7 Individual Debtor’s Statement of Intention (12/08)
  • B23 Debtor’s Certification of Completion of Post petition Instructional Course Concerning Financial Management (12/08)
  • B201 Notice to individual consumer debtor (12/08)

For Chapter 11:

  • B25A Plan of Reorganization in Small Business Case Under Chapter 11
  • B25B Disclosure Statement in Small Business Case Under Chapter 11
  • B25C Small Business Monthly Operating Report
  • B26 Periodic Reporting Regarding Value, Operations and Profitability of Entities in Which the Estate of the Debtor Holds a Substantial or Controlling Interest

For Chapter 13:

  • B283 Chapter 13 debtor’s certifications regarding domestic support obligations and §522(q)


2/17/09 Fixed Clerks Notice B201
3/23/09 Fixed Means Test 19a Added new Census and IRS data 3/17/09
7/29/09  ---- calculation on means test ----
8/10/09 Statement of Intentions uses form as per US Courts
8/21/09 Fix 64 bit operating system error problem (re-register required)
8/26/09 Fixed check boxes in Chap. 7 Statement of Intentions.
9/22/09 new Reaffirmation form, new clerks notice, new B1 exhibit D
2/22/10 Means test Item 32 text change.
4/1/10 Means test Census and IRS data+ form changes B1, B6C, B7, B10, B22A&C, B200, B283
4/13/10 added co debtor to second page of voluntary petition
5/5/10 changed date of sfa signature page to reflect latest sfa changes
12/13/10 changes 12/10 + Irs changes to means test+ fixed #50 on B22C
1/21/11 Fixed Rename feature.  No more 7200 error on rename
3/17/11 IRS, Census data updated for Means test. Added NY exemptions for homestead and auto.
3/29/11 Fixed Mean Family Income data for March 2011 release
06/07/1 Fixed means test automobile. Fixed schedule I section 10 ouput
07/29/11 Fixed all typos on Means Test forms. Thanks to Arthur
11/03/11 Irs means family income table changes for Means test
12/01/11 Means test form and voluntary petition changes  and change to B200 form
01/17/12 fixed local housing expenses for means test
02/16/12 fixe federal exemptions auto
05/05/2012 New means test data from Irs and census
08/20/12 Fixed B22c block 23 check box
11/01/12 New changes to B200 and B201
12/113/12 Form changes 12/1/12
12/28/12 Fixed married/unmarried problem with Means Test Form.
04/09/13 Added New irs tables
04/03/14 Census and IRS data for means test and additional bug fixes to means test
05/06/14 added other info to schedule J
06/02/14 Schedule J expenses  Other auto fix
6/10/14 update filing charge changes to clerks notice etc.
11/1/14 Update IRS means test data Median Family Income
1/5/15 New means test forms + others
1/15/15 made changes to load forms more quickly
2/20/15 Fixed schedule F printed form to use all rows
4/1/15 Irs tables for means test updated
4/12/15 Fixed Maried filing jointly on print forms