Certified Mail Version 4


Tracking your mail via text message

Receive text alerts on your phone:

 text a tracking number to 2USPS (28777) to check a package's status on the go. Standard Message and Data rates may apply.

For more information go to http://www.usps.com/texttracking




Can't Install. Installation hangs

Re-boot into SAFE MODE install, then re-boot normal
Some times the OS doesn't like to install the new font that is required by the post office.

How to Boot into safe mode Windows


Post office Can't track or scan

Be sure you are running version 4.1.4 or later of the software. If not, go to download site and update your software.

This can be caused by either of two problems:
(1) your post office is not yet upgraded their software /hardware to accept the new 22 digit bar code. If this is the case, download the appropriate setup file below to run Certified Mail with 20 digit mailer number

(2) If you can't track your mail piece, then it may be that you have a bad Mailer ID number.  If your Mailer Id number does not begin with a "9" then this is most likely the case.  Go to the Getting a Mailer ID number  section below and get a new Mailer ID.  Note: Use the telephone number. The website is very difficult to navigate.


Getting a Mailer ID number

Go to https://gateway.usps.com/bcg/login.htm

Enroll in the Business Customer Gateway (BCG) Then apply for a MID. It is a difficult and confusing process, thus it is suggested that you contact USPS help desk  at 
800 522 9085 option 3 then option 6
to have them walk you though the process.

My Printer only prints the bar code and the receipt.

The font file on your computer is corrupted.
Download CertFont.exe and execute the file.
It is a set up program to repair your font file.
Restart your computer.
If you are running Windows XP or 2000 you may also need to download the newest print drivers for your printer from the internet, (i.e., hp.com; lexmark.com)


Postal Rate Changes

Postage Fee 1 oz. = 0.49
Addition Postage Fee per oz. = 0.21
Certified Mail Fee = 3.35;
Return Receipt Fee = 2.75
Restricted Delivery Fee = 4.95

USPS Latest Rates

I'm getting an error involving Machnm1.exe

There are a few steps that need to be taken care of to remedy this problem.
First, close Certified Mail and then use the Windows "Search" or "Find" functions to look for the machnm1.exe and keylib32.dll
Be sure to search all files and folders on your hard drive.
Delete all copies of those two files.
Visit our Downloads page to get the latest version of the software and re-install.
Upon rebooting, your program should work as normal, but may need re-registered.

What is the difference between Certified Mail Standard and Certified Mail Pro?

Certified Mail is used for individuals/companies who send a small number of certified mail letters per day.
Certified Mail Pro is used for those who send large quantities on a frequent basis.

My printouts are all messed up. The print is too big, too small, the wrong font, etc.

Check the printer alignment.
Check the printer setup, paper size and paper alignment.
If the above steps do not solve the problem follow the below steps.
Restart your computer.
Reset your printer (consult your printer manual for instructions)